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Isolation & Surveillance

by cryptic scenery

Police State 05:26
Implement the liquid Apply the electrode Existential isolation Becomes your biggest pawn Police state Persistence is safe A remnant guaranteed Existential isolation Remains my only pawn Police state My only pawn My only pawn...
Nothing new Nothing sacred Gratuitous objects Gratuitous people Did I hear screaming? Did I see blood? Did I see blue lights? Something new Something painful Newly found objects Newly found people I can hear you screaming I can see blood I can see blue lights Go! The cot The bridge The dark street The ... The forest The purse The gods The hearse I'll confess later
Left With 05:24
Surveillance 01:50
Strange dialectics Induction turns into prediction Turns into prejudice Total surveillance Of the urban world Complete recording Of the urban word
Dead people on the motorway....
Differences I never could make out Suddenly shone Bright in the dark The violin players' empty pockets Seemed to glow Torches disguised the empty zone The coldness of your heart Things I'd never noticed at all Now seemed to take over a crucial role Staring men on the bridges Were reporting The way I ran Your instructions Hit my fireplace And they introduced me To the iron pole The iron pole Playing darts with my heart The iron pole Tearing it all apart The iron pole Playing darts with my heart The iron pole Tearing it all apart The iron pole The iron pole
The Worst 00:32
I prepared myself For what I considered To be the worst My darkest sibling Last things first
Last Stairs 04:52
These are The last stairs Ending the path of doom There's a point Of void somewhere So I'll be climbing the stairs Quite soon Yes... What will I reach?...


released November 23, 2015

Music, lyrics, recording, production and performance by Christian H. Sötemann.


all rights reserved



cryptic scenery Berlin, Germany

cryptic scenery was founded in late 1994. Since then, the project has released a number of CDs, CD-Rs, vinyl records, tapes and mp3s on a variety of labels. The musical style ranges from hypnotic new wave songs to Ambient and drone pieces, from minimalist sketches to electronic tracks. The project was founded and still is led by Christian H. Sötemann. ... more

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